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Engineering Operations

The County Engineer's office plays a vital role in the overall operation of Oklahoma County. The County Engineer is the central coordinating agency for all maintenance and construction activities within the County as well as operating all County buildings and property, including the Courthouse, County Office Building, the Training and General Assistance Center, the Sheriff's Training Center, and the three Commissioners' road district facilities.

Duties Of The County Engineer

  • Monitor the performance of all contracts.
  • Monitor the status of all road and bridge money for each Commissioner district and coordinate road and bridge maintenance and construction in each Commissioner district.
  • Negotiate and write all architectural and engineering contracts.
  • Oversee the County Engineer's office and the Emergency Management Division, and manage and carry out the rulings of the County Planning Commission, Flood Plain Management Board, and County Budget Board of Adjustment.
  • Prepare and keep updated master, long-range plans for road and bridge building.
  • Prepare plans and specifications for road and bridge construction.

Position Requirements

The County Engineer is hired by the Board of County Commissioners and serves at the will of the Commissioners. The position requires a person to be a licensed professional engineer and have five years of supervisory and management experience in public works.