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The Court Clerk of Oklahoma County provides passport services (does not execute passport renewals). For more information, visit the Court Clerk's website.

Submission Requirements

All applicants must appear in person, including children. Applicants must submit the following regardless of age.

Citizen Requirements

Previous passport (this can be a cancelled passport or an official passport i.e. military), naturalization certificate or certified copy of birth certificate. This certificate must come from the state registrar's office in the state in which the applicant was born. Hospital birth certificates and "notification of birth registration" are not acceptable.

Identification Requirements

Valid driver's license (not temporary or learner's permit) or city, state or federal government ID card or pilot's license. Minor children will use parent or legal guardian's ID.


One 2-inch by 2-inch color photograph taken within the last 6 months. Photograph must be clear, front view, full face with a plain light background. Photograph must be printed on photo quality paper. Please check your telephone directory under "passport photos" or "photographers" for this service. The Oklahoma County Court Clerk's office does not provide photographs on site.

Fees & Payment

There will be (2) separate fees. One to the U.S. Department of State and the other to the Oklahoma County Court Clerk's office. All fees made payable to the U.S. Department of State must be in the form of check, money order or cashier's check. No cash or  credit cards accepted. No exceptions. The execution fee is $35 and must be paid separately from the application fee. The execution fee made payable to Rick Warren, Court Clerk and may be in the form of check, money order, cashier's check, cash or credit card. No cash is accepted at the Edmond office.


For information about immunization, please call the Oklahoma County Health Department at 405-427-8651.

Passport Renewal

For applicants who were 16 or older that had a passport issued within the last 15 years executing a renewal application must mail application to the address on page 2 of the renewal form. Oklahoma County Court Clerk's office does not execute renewals. It is the responsibility of the traveler to obtain necessary visas before going abroad. The traveler may contact the destination country's nearest consulate or embassy to make inquiries about visas or ask a travel agency. Completed applications are sent by the office of the Court Clerk to the nearest passport processing agency. This process requires approximately 6 weeks.

More Information

For more information, United States citizens may visit the State Department’s travel website, or call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778; TDD/TTY 1-888-874-7793.