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Mission Statement

To provide critical information systems and services of the highest quality at an affordable cost and to assure availability of accurate, reliable, and timely information necessary for the support and operation of Oklahoma County.

Vision Statement

Our vision is of an Information Technology (IT) department recognized as leaders in the design and delivery of technology solutions to achieve Oklahoma County business goals. For IT support email the Help Desk at, or for questions regarding the website email the Webmaster at

ARPA Project Request Form - Testing From Development

ARPA Project Request Form - Testing From Test

ARPA Project Request Form - Testing From MS Forms

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IT Staff Directory

Desk, Help Support Email the Help Desk    (405) 713-1349
Arnold, Michelle DBA II Email Michelle Arnold (405) 713-1381
Financial Administrator (405) 713-1333
Brison, Cassandra           Inventory Control Email Cassandra Brison        (405) 713-1343
Brown, Deidre System Engineer II Email Deidre Brown (405) 713-1346
Coffey, Dayne Co-Director Email Dayne Coffey (405) 713-1397
Crawford, Chris System Engineer I Email Chris Crawford (405) 713-1295
DiCosimo, Augie Application Administrator Email Augie DiCosimo (405) 713-1337
Dodson, Jerad Security Analyst I Email Jerad Dodson (405) 713-1367
Harzman, Alan System Engineer I Email Alan Harzman (405) 713-1347
Lacy, Geoffrey DBA I Email Geoff Lacy (405) 713-2199
Miller, Mike System Engineer I Email Mike Miller (405) 713-1341
Morgan, Austin System Engineer I Email Austin Morgan (405) 713-1332
Schuh, Kodiak System Engineer I Email Kodiak Schuh (405) 713-1399
Serafine, Katrina System Engineer I Email Katrina Serafine (405) 713-6296
Smith, Chris System Engineer II Email Chris Smith (405) 713-1384
Stewart, Richard Co-Director Email Rich Stewart (405) 713-1352
Washburn, Corey System Engineer I Email Corey Washburn (405) 713-1777
Weaver, Bob Applications Manager Email Bob Weaver (405) 713-1338
Weaver, Jon System Engineer III Email Jon Weaver (405) 713-1336
Williams, Gary Programmer II / Web Developer           Email Gary Williams (405) 713-1342
Wynn, Neal System Engineer III Email Neal Wynn                (405) 713-1861
Youngers, Sheena Web Developer Email Sheena Youngers