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"Their Success is Our Success"

About Us

The Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau exists to enhance public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency. The Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Facility is an 80 bed Facility designed for short-term secure placement of Juveniles in Oklahoma County. The OCJB is comprised of seven departments: Court Services (Intake and Diversion Services Unit and Probation Services Unit), Detention, Human Resources, Business, Maintenance, Internal Affairs, and Janitorial.

The OCJB is a juvenile justice entity located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We work closely with the Juvenile Division of the Oklahoma County District Court to provide detention, intake, diversion services, and probation services for the youth of Oklahoma County.  The OCJB is responsible for receiving, evaluating, and recommending appropriate action pertaining to persons under the age of eighteen years found within Oklahoma County and alleged to be delinquent or in need of supervision.

Our Values:

  • Youth Potential: Believe in their future.
  • Family: It takes a village.
  • Education: Knowledge is power.
  • Accountability: No excuses, get it done.
  • Diversity: Not my way, not your way, OUR way. 
  • Collaboration: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.
  • Integrity: Do the right thing.
  • Innovation: Think outside the box.
  • Persistence: Never give up; fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Intake & Diversion Services

The Intake and Diversion Services Unit (IDSU) is responsible for the initial screening of youth and the supervision of non-adjudicated youth.  In most cases, the Intake Unit is the first contact that a juvenile has with the Juvenile Justice System after the police department. Primary responsibilities of the unit include:

  • Conducting Preliminary Inquiries on New Referrals
  • Screening Detention Admission Requests
  • Supervising Youth on Diversion

Preliminary Inquiry

After receipt of each referral, the assigned intake officer arranges an appointment with the youth and his or her parent/legal guardian to conduct a mandatory pre-adjudication interview. Based on this interview and other pertinent information, the officer makes a recommendation to the District Attorney for appropriate action.

Detention Screening

Intake Officers are available 24 hours a day to receive and screen calls from various law enforcement agencies within Oklahoma County requesting admission of a juvenile to the detention facility. During the detention screening process, the intake officer reviews and evaluates the youth's age, current offense, past history, potential threat to the community, and likelihood that he or she would be available to the court, when so ordered.  Based on this criteria, a decision is made to detain the youth or make him or her releasable to a parent or legal guardian.

Diversion Services

As an alternative to filing a charge against the juvenile, the intake officer may in certain cases, design and monitor a diversion program when agreed upon by the youth, the parent or legal guardian, and the District Attorney. This process is provided to provide consequences for the commission of the offense and correct the behavior with minimal legal intervention.

Contact Your Intake Officer:
  • Brooke Smith (Supervisor) - (405) 713-6466
  • Aylin De Loera - (405) 713-6440
  • Matthew Hankins (Intake Specialist) - (405) 713-6427
  • Shiloh Jobe - (405) 713-6621
  • Chloe Johnson - (405) 713-6934
  • Blanca Juarez - (405) 713-6897
  • Vanessa McGee - (405) 713-6641
  • Anitra McKnight - (405) 713-6917
  • Carrie Wyatt - (405) 713-6933

Probation Services Unit

The Probation Services Unit (PSU) provides case management, education, advocacy, and accountability for adjudicated youth.  Probation is a legal status imposed by the court upon entering a disposition order. It allows juveniles who have been adjudicated and made wards of the Court to remain in their homes under court supervision rather than being placed out of the home.  The PSU operates twenty-four hour per day, seven days per week in order to meet the needs of the clientele and community.

Initial Visits and Assessment

Upon assignment of the case, the probation officer contacts the parent or legal guardian of the client and schedules the initial office visit. During this meeting, the probation officer begins to establish a working relationship with the family and conducts an assessment using the Youth Level of Service Case Management Inventory (YLS/CMI), a validated risk and needs assessment. Following the visit, the officer meets with the family in their home. This ensures that the basic needs of the youth are being met and provides unique insights into his or her life.

Individual Treatment and Service Plan

After the risk and needs assessment is conducted, an individualized plan is formulated by the probation officer to address the youth's specific needs. The plan includes treatment goals and action steps that are agreed upon by all parties in open court.


Once an individual treatment and service plan has been adopted by the court, the process of supervision begins. During the time the juvenile is on probation, youth, parent or legal guardian, and the probation officer work together to achieve the identified goals. The duration of probation depends on the youth's compliance with his or her plan. 

Contact Your Probation Officer:
  • Joshua Brandon - (405) 713-6419
  • Paul Carrico - (405) 713-6426
  • Darin Fitz - (405) 713-6628
  • Petra Flenory - (405) 713-6608
  • Susan Hackett - (405) 713-6417
  • Kevin Henson (Supervisor) - (405) 713-6459
  • Kaycee King - (405) 713-6622
  • David Mugisha - (405) 713-6782
  • Crystal Pierce (Supervisor) - (405) 713-6626
  • Lonyai Redmond - (405) 713-9976
  • Camelia Shamburger - (405) 713-6463
  • Tatyana Shaw - (405) 713-6421
  • Winnie Strong (Supervisor) - (405) 713-6487   
  • Jonathan White - (405) 713-6420

Citizens for Juvenile Justice (CJJ)

Citizens for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) is a non-profit citizens advisory committee established by 10A O.S. § 2-4-101 to aid in the more effective administration of the law relating to youth.  CJJ provides counsel, advice, and assistance to the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau (OCJB) for the purpose of enhancing services to at-risk youth, in part by applying for grants to help fund projects and programs that will benefit the community and the cause of juvenile justice.

More About CJJ

Bureau Careers

Job Openings

The Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau is always looking for diverse, passionate, and competent candidates.  Applicants may check job openings and apply online by visiting our Careers page or print and complete the forms below and send them, along with a resume, to:


Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau
Attention: Personnel
5905 N Classen Ct, #202
Oklahoma City, OK 73118


Mary Prince at 
Phone: (405) 713-6909
Fax: (405) 713-6443

Applications for all positions requiring specific certifications (college degree, commercial driver’s license, etc.) should be submitted with documentation certifying that those requirements have been met.  Official transcripts to document college degrees are requiredIncomplete applications will not be considered.

J'me Overstreet


Hajr Brown

Chief of Court Services

Valerie Lee

Business Manager

Margie Byrd-Dean

Janitorial Supervisor & Director's Secretary

Bruce Henley

Chief of Detention Services

Hannah Dix

Human Resources Manager

Estabraq Al-Adhami

Maintenance Superintendent

Staff Directory

J'me Overstreet, Director of Juvenile Bureau - 405-713-6410

J'me Overstreet was appointed to the position of Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau (OCJB) Director in April 2017.  Mrs. Overstreet brings over thirty years of experience from the Department of Corrections, where she held the positions of Administrator of Human Resources, Deputy Director of Administration, Deputy Director of Leadership Development, and Associate Director, among others.  Since becoming a part of the OCJB team in 2013, she has worked tirelessly and applied her knowledge of corrections, management, human resources, and employee development to revolutionize the way the OCJB does business.

Margie Byrd-Dean, Supervisor & Director's Secretary - 405-713-6476

Virginia Cloud, Executive Assistant (Court Services) - 405-713-6414

Hannah Dix, Human Resources Manager - 405-713-6403

Hajr Hamin, Chief of Court Services - 405-713-6941

Bruce Henley, Chief of Detention Services - 405-713-6487

Valerie Lee, Business Manager - 405-713-6439

Crystal Ramirez, Community and Programs Resource Manager - 405-713-6936

Press and Media Inquiries

For press/media inquiries, only the Chief Judge and the OCJB Director are authorized to speak on behalf of the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau. Because we work with juveniles, there is much information that cannot be shared, as it is protected by law. The Administrative Manager is designated to provide routine information relevant to OCJB operations and can be contacted by phone at (405) 713-6432 or by e-mail at

Photo Gallery

  • Susan Johnson

    sees the OCJB Clothing Closet for the first time, Juvenile Bureau

  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Juvenile Bureau

    The Jacobsen family, honorable judges of the Juvenile Division, & Jason Thomas

  • OCJB Clothing Closet Ribbon Cutting

    OCJB Clothing Closet Ribbon Cutting

    Juvenile Bureau, Jason Thomas & Nancy Jacobsen

  • Pictured with ACA auditors

    100% compliance with the ADA, Juvenile Detention


  • OCJB employees at the MLK Day Parade

    OCJB employees at the MLK Day Parade

    Juvenile Bureau

  • OCJB youth experiencing "A New Republic," the work of artist Kehinde Wiley at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art in July 2017

  • The winners of the 2017 OCJB staff basketball tournament - Court Services!

  • Volunteer tutor from the University of Central Oklahoma providing one-on-one literacy assistance to an OCJB client .

  • Our oustanding volunteer tutors from the University of Central Oklahoma

  • OCJB staff attending Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) training in May 2017