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Building Applications & Forms

Planning Applications & Forms


*NOTICE: All court costs and license fees are due at time of filing. The court clerk does not mail out renewal notices.

Going out of Business Sale

This requires filing of an inventory of merchandise to be sold at the time of filing the application. There is a 10 day waiting period before license may be issued. The filing fee is $169.14.

Private Process Servers

A private process server requires a $5,000 bond for a new license and a 30 day posting period. A first time application must be renewed after 1 year and thereafter is renewable every 3 years. This requires 2, 2 by 2 photographs. A new license is $354.14 and a renewal license is $219.14.

Transient Merchant License

For a transient merchant license, call the License Department at 405-713-1705. There is a filing fee of $194.14.

Pool Hall

An application is required.for a pool hall license. The filing fee is $169.14.